Imagine the Possibilities with Fabric Printing


We reproduce exceptional colour with a particular focus on green

At McRae, we don’t believe that we inherited the Earth from our parents. We believe that we are borrowing it from our children. Environmental stewardship plays a role in every aspect of our manufacturing process. We are committed to using environmentally friendly processes throughout production using the most environmentally advanced fabrics, water-based inks, and the most advanced printers with no VOC'S. By doing so, we have greatly reduced wastage and energy consumption. We recycle almost all residual of our production process – fabric, water, aluminum and even the wooden pallets. 



Doing our part

We believe in giving back to the global community we serve. McRae Imaging is actively involved in supporting Youth In Motion, and other community charities.

Youth in Motion is a not-for-profit organization providing effective, efficient, sustainable programs for all youth across the world. Youth in Motion is the very catalyst to a positive collective future. Youth in Motion recognizes and celebrates youth innovation, strives for excellence and cares deeply about relationships.

We have chosen to support Youth in Motion because their values and principles mirror our own. We support this organization financially and with volunteer time, energy and expertise. Our experience working with and supporting tomorrow’s leaders and innovators has been nothing but positive, and we are perpetually amazed at the manifold social returns on our investment. After all, what greater investment is there than in our youth?