Imagine the Possibilities with Fabric Printing
McRae delivered!
Jun 25, 2012

"We only had one day to deliver a large Halo and it was on the weekend. McRae got it done and our customer was ecstatic. Thank you! When our client asked for almost a hundred banners in three days, I didn't think it was possible. McRae delivered! And they looked great!"

His knowledge Was Impressive
May 02, 2012

"Thank you for your help when I spoke on the phone to Derrick to go over our submitted artwork. His knowledge was impressive and he did a super job looking after me. All the best!"


Her Knowledge And Attitude Are Outstanding
Apr 10, 2012

"Congratulations on hiring Katie. She just called on us and her knowledge and attitude are outstanding. She's a keeper."


Fabric Pop-Ups are So Lightweight And Easy to Set Up
Mar 20, 2012

"We now have twenty of your fabric pop-ups and our sales people love them. They are so lightweight and easy to set up."


The Jobs Look Great!
Dec 07, 2011

"When we had a problem with the big install, Dennis drove to Montreal and helped our installers. Thank him for us. The jobs look great!"


D5 Milan Displays are Fast and Easy to Set Up
Nov 10, 2011

"We got one of the D5 Milan Displays and I am very impressed with how fast and easy it is to set up."