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Fire Damages McRae Imaging Production Facility
Aug 31, 2012

Like the mythical Phoenix that rises from the ashes—renewed and reborn; McRae rebuilt from the fire that devastated much of our production facilities, now stronger and more robust than ever. An overnight fire within our print production facility decimated almost all of the print production equipment, including printing, heat setting, sewing and other equipment and materials. The business offices were temporarily unusable, contaminated with foul air and water.

Our disaster recovery plans kicked into action immediately that day. We were located and up and running in temporary offices in an adjacent building within 48 hours with access to phones, internet and our computerized systems and technologies. We mobilized our emergency plan for utilization of colleagues in the industry (to whom we are very thankful) for printing and transfer of the most urgent requirements. We transferred our sewing, finishing and fabrication production temporarily to an adjacent building. We mobilized a specialty team to restore and return our print production facilities to proper working condition, including purchasing and air freighting several new state of the industry printers and heat setting equipment.  Within 4 weeks we had returned to full print production capacity in our own facility.

“If one of the keys to a successful company is sometimes dealing with and overcoming adversity, then we are a very successful business” said Bob Murray, Chairman, McRae Imaging, who continued “our people always make the difference with their commitment and passion and truly amazed me with their resolve to gets us back up and running and to ensure we met every client deliverable”.
Recovering from the fire we almost doubled our business and production facilities as we signed a long term lease for the temporary space we had utilized during this time. We added additional new equipment that has increased our printing capacity to over 50 million square feet per year. We are one of the largest digital fabric printers in the world; bigger, better and faster than ever.