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McRae Acquires D4 Displays
Dec 21, 2012

McRae Imaging Inc. is pleased to announce that it has completed its acquisition of D4 Displays, a designer and manufacturer of portable display products.

“This was a natural fit for McRae Imaging as we continue to grow our range of products and our facilities here in Mississauga, Canada," noted Robert Murray, Chairman of McRae Imaging Inc. With our 50,000 sq ft of manufacturing space and our dedicated dye-sublimation fabric printing facility, combining the D4 Display products with our own range of portable displays creates a superb offering of well designed, innovative, quality displays that have won awards and provided our Distributors and their clients with excellent value for money.

Peter Muller who founded D4 Displays Inc. will be taking on responsibility for McRae Displays the division dedicated to the continued growth and development of our portable display products. We are already looking forward to giving our customers the chance to see some of our very latest fabric display products and digital media designs at Exhibitor Show 2013 in Las Vegas this March. We shall also be involved at Global Shop and SGIA later in the year.

This a very exciting time for McRae Imaging and McRae Displays, we expect to continue growing our team to ensure that our clients are always provided with the best possible service and solutions for their face to face marketing programs.

McRae Acquires Controlling Interest in LITEXFRAME
Nov 30, 2012

Today McRae Imaging announced it has completed the purchase of a controlling interest in LitexFrame, a business that specializes in state of the art LED lighting systems. LITEX has developed proprietary industry leading technology made in North America that is at the forefront of the LED revolution.

Litex is a leading technology company specialized in designing and manufacturing LED lighting products, whose products are manufactured in Canada using the latest illumination technologies. “We were searching the globe for the latest and best in LED technology and found it right on our doorstep” commented Richard Kisiel, President of McRae Imaging. “Joining forces with Mcrae Imaging ensures LitexFrame has the added financial resources and people expertise to keep LitexFrame at the forefront of LED technology as well as to fully seize all of the terrific opportunities of marrying LED lighting with fabric printed graphics and décor framing systems” noted Marek Szeliga, President of LITEXFRAME.

Providing LED backlighting to printed fabric graphics and visual displays creates a stunningly vibrant image. Utilizing the Litex technology with its renowned printed fabric graphics and hardware framing systems McRae now produces completely proprietary fabric light boxes that we call LITEXFRAME.

They are made using energy efficient LED edge brilliant white lights with perfect dispersion built into the slim aluminum décor frames. From movie theatres, to exhibits, to retail stores, to business and home interior decors and many more amazing applications; LitexFrame light boxes have rapidly become the market leader.

They are entirely customizable and highly versatile. They are easy to assemble, durable, dimmable and long-lasting. In addition, the slim and attractive design of the light box frame increases the effectiveness of advertisements by enhancing its appearance. LitexFrame comes as a wall mount single sided, suspended double sided and floor standing double sided light box. They utilize high quality graphics printed on specially designed fabric to achieve a High Definition advertising, communications or decor experience. “The investment we have made in LitexFrame keeps us at the forefront in our industry for the most advanced technologies to provide the very best solutions for our clients for their visual graphics and communications programs” stated Bob Murray, Chairman of McRae Imaging.

The New Reggiani
Oct 01, 2012

McRae Imaging is the first digital fabric printing business in North America to acquire the Reggiani Renoir fabric printer which is renowned as the leading technology worldwide.

The Reggiani has the highest dpi resolution (up to 2400 dpi) providing unsurpassed image quality with especially stunning photographic images and facial tones.

The Reggiani provides McRae with an increase of its print capacity to greater than 50 million square feet per annum which is especially beneficial for large on demand Retail programs.

The growth trend for fabric printing is based on the many powerful benefits of textile based graphics including their HD eye catching aesthetics, their versatility, their reusability and durability, the significant environmental benefits, the many variety of fabrics, their ease and reduced cost of transport and storage, ease of installation and de-installation, and their overall cost effectiveness. As well, fabric printing is emerging in an ever growing range of retail store visual communication and graphic solutions.

As part of setting up the Reggiani printer McRae acquired two other large format printers and doubled its capacity of the finishing and sewing operations. Print production processes were reviewed and enhanced further driving the quality assurance programs integral to McRae’s operations.

“The Reggiani positions us to ensure our continuous improvement drive to maintain our market leading technologies and capabilities” stated Richard Kisiel, President.

For a view of the capabilities of the Reggiani Renoir please link to

As part of bringing in the Reggiani and other equipment McRae has doubled the size of our facilities to over 50,000 sq feet. McRae continues its unprecedented growth as one of the top digital fabric printers in North America.


McRae Imaging of Ontario...
Sep 30, 2012

McRae Imaging's use of the direct-to-fabric Jeti 3324 AquaJet from Agfa Graphics helps it dominate the digital fabric printing market from its headquarters in Ontario, Canada.

McRae Imaging is one of the world's leading textile printed graphics and custom structures businesses. McRae's 50,000-square-foot facility in Mississauga offers the latest in digital dye-sublimation and inkjet printing equipment, with an in-house finishing department and a state-of-the-art metal fabrication shop.

The Jeti 3324 AquaJet inkjet printing system is essential for McRae to print banners, flags, table drapes, fabric murals and more. Fabric offers a versatility that other media do not and is being used more and more frequently to replace traditional vinyl printed graphics. 

"Digital fabric printing has come a long way since the late 90s, when traditional photofinishing was being over-taken by digital technology, and has achieved world renowned HD photographic image quality today. It has forever changed the tradeshow exhibit landscape," from Bob Murray, Chairman, McRae Imaging. "Fabric structures are now grand splashes of color on the show floor and they're known for allowing the designer's imagination to expand more than ever before." 
Agfa Graphics' booth at Sign Expo 2012 is a great example of the capability of the Jeti 3324 AquaJet. The large eye-catching overhead graphics and the Application Zone structures were produced by McRae on their new Aquajet.

The six-color Jeti 3324 AquaJet is an aqueous-based textile printer and features the latest generation disperse inks to produce output onto any polyester-based fabric. The Jeti 3324 AquaJet provides McRae the additional versatility to print on additional fabrics and specialty applications. McRae saves time and money, as the Jeti 3324 AquaJet prints direct to fabric, eliminating the more traditional transfer process of other fabric printing systems.

"The growing level of interest we have seen in fabric graphics over the past few years has shown that more and more output providers are considering fabric printing as a product they can offer their clients," said Deborah Hutcheson, director of Marketing, Agfa Graphics, North America. "Many exhibit and retail designers are now using fabric as a key component of their display portfolio”.