Imagine the Possibilities with Fabric Printing

Stretch your results with all the benefits of Fabric Textile Printing

Printing HD graphics and images on fabric has rapidly become the new global standard for anything previously printed on Vinyl that will be utilized as a visual communication or display in an indoor environment.

The reasons for this are many including: the aesthetic eye catching and stunning HD quality; the versatility of fabric; the ease of transport and installation; the longevity and repeatable use of the fabric prints; the significant environmental benefits and; the overall cost efficiency.

McRae uses industry leading printing equipment and technology including the first Reggiani Renoir deployed in North America. Along with multiple other large format fabric printers McRae has over 50 Million sq. feet per year of annual print capacity within the most modern, technology advanced fabric printing operation in North America.

McRae has its own line of fabrics created to provide the highest quality print substrate for fabric printing and the greatest range of proven and tested types of fabrics for the wide variety of uses and needs of our clients.

McRae has unique expertise developed over 15 years of fabric printing for the colour profiling and matching processes (Image DNA) that are so critical to creating the highest quality images.

Producing the highest quality printed image is paramount, yet there is more. A perfect printed image is only as good as the sewing and finishing; the framing hardware and the installation that goes hand in hand with it. McRae is equipped with its own in-house sewing
and finishing experts,
some that have been with the business for over a decade. We have our own frames and tubing that are milled to our custom specifications with all fabrication done within our facilities. We have the installation expertise to help whenever required.

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Image DNA